Monday, April 18, 2011

The Cowboy Song

I want to make a film clip for this song from my album and get it played on Country Music Channel - This example is a whimsical idea - I found country Bernie on youtube and dubbed "The Cowboy Song" soundtrack over the top - I've been trying to get in contact with him to ask if he'll dance to the actual song but he doesn't return my emails - now all that's left to do is buy a video camera and go to the States and track him down!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Story of The Wedding Song

It all started with a book, a country road and a vision. The book suggested I write 20 songs in 12 hours; I managed nine in seven. After a bout of writer’s block that had lasted the best part of a year, this was the sledgehammer I needed.

I’d taken myself off to the country for a week to be alone and write; the first time I’d ever done that, I was scared and excited all at once. The place I booked was a decommissioned hotel just outside of Guildford that was now someone’s holiday house. On the first day, I walked the back roads thinking about a man and a song. On the second day, I sat by the fire and wrote, mostly crap, but at least I was writing. It was exciting and exhausting, more so because I had the feeling that I was being watched and this made it hard to sleep. The rest of the week was spent playing around with the ideas that came from that writing session and walking them through the countryside.

Most of the songs ended up in the bin, but there was one that haunted me. I’d had a very strong image of a young woman, dressed in white, waiting at the door of the hotel, watching as a slow moving procession rolled down the hill towards her. A man led the way, moving deliberately, eyes focussed only on her, singing “Marry me, marry me.” She closed the door against him and listened from behind the safety of its locked façade. But, he persisted, “Marry me, marry me.” The song’s "A" minor chord was as relentless as her suitor and the image of that bride was as relentless as that "A" minor chord. This image wouldn’t let me go and she ended up becoming the muse for the album. She now sits behind each song, calling out, warning, seducing, leaving, and lamenting him until finally, when we’ve heard all of her fears and stories, the "A" minor chord begins and he is allowed to proceed down the road toward her singing “Marry me, marry me, marry me”. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Eat the Wedding Cake!!

No wonder Bride's stop eating before their wedding day - there's a risk of dying!!

"A bride was left "distraught" after a guest died and eight others became ill with salmonella poisoning after her wedding, her family said tonight.
Rene Kwartz, 82, was one of four guests who needed hospital treatment after the wedding of Stephen Wicks and Jennifer Harris at the Hilton Suite hotel in Prestwich, Greater Manchester.
Three of those taken to hospital recovered and were discharged but Mrs Kwartz died last week.
Five others who attended the traditional Jewish celebration on August 8 were also infected, health officials said.
Lawyers representing the guests are now taking legal action against the outside caterers to the function.
Mrs Kwartz was described tonight as "lovely" by her niece, mother-of-the-bride Norma Harris.
In a statement, Mrs Harris claimed that up to 50 of the guests became ill after the celebration.
She said: "We are devastated by what has happened.
"As many as 50 of our 150 guests were ill, most feeling unwell on the Tuesday after the wedding.
"My lovely Aunt Rene has now died and whilst it is too early to say it was as a direct result of what she ate at the wedding, she was confirmed as having salmonella.
"Jennifer and her husband, Stephen, are distraught and cannot even bear to look at their wedding photographs.
"We simply want answers as to what caused the illness our guests suffered and at least try to make certain lessons are learnt from this tragedy."
Environmental health officers from Bury Council and specialists from the Health Protection Agency's (HPA) Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit (HPU) and NHS Bury are investigating the outbreak.
Dr Marko Petrovic, from the HPA's Greater Manchester HPU, said: "It's very sad that a patient associated with this outbreak has died and our thoughts and sympathies are with the family. We are looking into the circumstances of the case. Deaths from salmonella infection are rare."
The external caterers are cooperating fully with the investigation into the outbreak, the HPA said.
Dr Peter Elton, director of public health for NHS Bury, said: "Illness arising from the salmonella bug can be debilitating, especially for young children and older people.
"It is important for anyone with symptoms of salmonella infection, which may include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, or fever, to maintain their fluid levels and take the utmost care with hand-washing and hygiene generally."
Clare Campbell, a partner at Manchester law firm Pannone LLP, confirmed she is acting on behalf of 14 people affected by the suspected food poisoning.
She said: "This is a terrible tragedy arising from what was supposed to have been a joyous occasion and our sympathies at this time are with the family and friends of the deceased.
"We will be monitoring events very closely and doing our utmost to assist all those affected." " from Yahoo News 2 September 2010